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If you are in High School (or are a parent/guardian of someone who is) then we want to say a massive hello and welcome to Hope Youth. 

We believe that we are not just a youth group but a family here. So welcome to the family. We run many events across the year. So have a look at what's coming up. 


HY Nights

We invite you to our HY Nights every Friday (during term time) from 7-9pm. This includes game consoles, table tennis, games, music, small groups, you’ll also be in with a chance of winning prizes too and there will be an inspirational message to round off the night.


HY Creative

Whether you think you are creative or not, we want to create a space for you to learn or develop your talents. Maybe you play an instrument, sing, enjoy taking photos or you would be up for learning. This is an event we run twice a year for you. 


HY Groups

HY Groups runs on a Tuesday evening alongside our adult lifegroups. This happens from 7:15-9:15pm. A great chance for you to catch up with friends while diving deeper into the word of God. We do a mixture of small & large group discussion.

Thrive 2023.001.png

Summer Camp 2023

Thrive Summer Camp is running from Monday 14th - Thursday 17th August 2023. This includes seminars, outdoor activities, water slide, group work & so much more. There will be several other churches with us and so it's a great way for you to meet new people too.


HY Hangouts

After our Sunday experience with the adults we have a space for you to hangout. A time to play PlayStation, hang with friends, meet new people and chat with someone on the Youth team.

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