Here at 'Hope' we hold baptism as a very special event in a Christian’s life. Baptism can be described as ‘an outward sign of an inward faith’. It is through baptism that we really understand what Jesus Christ has done for us.

There is certain criteria that need to be met before we baptise a candidate at ‘Hope’. There needs to be a belief in Christ, there needs to be repentance and there must be an understanding of what baptism means. You do not become a Christian by being baptised, rather you get baptised because you are a Christian.

We do not baptise babies at ‘Hope’. We believe that we are closely following the Bible by not doing this. Infant baptism was not a practice until the 5th Century. The Bible teaches that people must believe in Christ and have an understanding of repentance, sin, faith and obedience - babies do not have this capacity and so we do not baptise them. We do, however, dedicate babies and children to God (see 1Samuel 1:11 and Luke 18:15-17)

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